Abyss & Apex : Second Quarter 2006 : At the Children’s Pound

At the Children’s Pound

By Marge Simon

After the final war,
we granted immunity
to the survivors.
Adults were neutered,
but something had to be done
with the leftover children.

The eldest were caged,
& the little ones kept in a room
with a thick glass window
for the critical eyes
of prospective parents.

They told us that a knife
used for slicing lemons
cut his umbilical chord.
Dark hair like yours,
we chose him for our own.

His heritage obscure,
you said it didn’t matter,
& taught him tricks
to amuse our friends
as soon as he could walk.

Perhaps to spite you,
I had him schooled
to become a spacer.
When he returned,
a neatly trimmed cadet,
you disapproved.

“Humans,” you said,
“should not have access
to the stars.”


Marge Simon freelances as a writer, poet, and illustrator for publications such as Space and Time, Dreams and Nightmares, The Pedestal Magazine, Mythic Delirium, and Tales of the Unanticipated. Her self-illustrated poetry collection, Artist of Antithesis, was a Bram Stoker finalist in 2004. Marge is former president of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. She currently serves as editor of Star*Line . For more information, please visit her website or email her at MSimon6206@aol.com.

Story © 2006 Marge Simon. All other content copyright © 2006 ByrenLee Press 


Copyrighted by the author unless otherwise noted.


Art Director: Bonnie Brunish

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