Like Vines

“Like Vines”

by Alicia Power

12 Thermidor, Arisene Year 1244

My Dearest Cecilia,

Though it has only been a week since I […]

A Greater Good

“A Greater Good”

by Laura O’Brien

There’s nothing more terrifying than an empty to-do list. Normally, my list stretches too long for […]

A Life on Air

“A Life on Air”

by D. A. D’Amico

The snub triangular jet flipped, banking against intensely bright Venusian clouds before leveling out. […]

The Eyes of Hemshat

“The Eyes of Hemshat”

by K. D. Julicher

Siandra rolled back the protective leathers from the sides of the trade booth as […]



by Mike Adamson

They say Ardvreck Castle is haunted, and I know it is. But not quite the way you might […]

A Planet With a Lake

“A Planet With a Lake”

by Derek Nason

“Thanks for your help.”

Those were your last words, to me or anyone. […]

The Valley of the Speaking Flames

“The Valley of the Speaking Flames”

by B. Pladek

“The first thing I will do is name the sparks,” I say.

“I […]

My Magic, My Spell

“My Magic, My Spell”

by Mary E. Lowd

You stole a piece of my power from me. And it took me fifteen […]

Where a Good Town May Take Us

“Where a Good Town May Take Us”

by Andi C. Buchanan

Overnight, our town unmakes itself.

Copper nails slide out from the […]

A Pilgrim’s Tale

“A Pilgrim’s Tale“

by Bruno Lombardi

     Lost gods were the worst hitchhikers.

     I was somewhere around Barstow on the edge […]