by Michaele Jordan

It started with her best friend’s father. Elsa had never liked him—been a little afraid of him, really. […]



by Elyse Kallen

“Charley.” A lilting, feminine voice calls out from behind me, and it takes every ounce of self-control not […]

The Red Oleander Murders

The Red Oleander Murders

by Sean Patrick Hazlett

I’ll bet dollars to donuts this guy, whose broken and bloated body was nailed […]

A Study in Pink and Gold

“A Study in Pink and Gold”

by Richard Ford Burley

He sits on the roof and takes another bite of bland, […]

One Soul, Parchment Thin

One Soul, Parchment Thin

by Calder Hutchinson

Slowly, I fold the paper. A forty-two degree offset from the right side, continuing to […]

A Missed Diversion

“A Missed Diversion” by R. S. Alexander

Derek Waterstone sat in a darkened isolation pod.  He could have set the wallsplays to give […]

Ars Poetica

Ars Poetica

by David F. Shultz

The interrogation was going well. Rook’s mark quivered, sweat beads on his head, arms smudging […]

The Birds That Flew In Wartime

“The Birds That Flew In Wartime” by Tamoha Sengupta

Long ago, the last bird in the village of Tantipur died.

Its […]

Exhibit K

“Exhibit K”

By Nadia Afifi

The dead woman opened her eyes to a veil of light. She blinked several times, focusing on […]



by Wayne Martin

Malish was roused from his winter lassitude, aching with hunger in the numbing cold, […]