Degrees of Separation

“Degrees of Separation” by Ruth Nestvold

Rolynka, Alaska, September, Six Degrees Celsius (Forty-Three Degrees Fahrenheit)

Ellen Teayoumeak clambered down from her pickup and pulled the shoulder bag with her paperbacks from the passenger seat. Hopefully Rita Piscoya would have some books in the trading post that Ellen hadn’t read yet. […]

Mustard World

“Mustard World” by James Victor


I picked the creature up with my tongs and it wriggled like a little girl being tickled. I held it close to my visor and willed the HUD out of the way. Convergent evolution had made the mustard slink look extremely similar to the […]


“Prayer” by Mike Buckley


Before they left Lunad on a stolen continent ship in search of the farthest god, Wasa’s job was water.

The Lunad Womens Prison was a pit built down into the moonrock, accessible only by a single hatch. The hydro converters were in the belly of the pit, […]

The Onmyoji’s Wife

“The Onmyoji’s Wife” by Kate MacLeod

Kenji stood, onmyoji cap in his hands, trying to lose himself in the gentle breeze that whispered through his favorite tree, picking up the scent of the peaches before tickling over his uncovered head.

It was divine, the sound of the leaves, the smell […]

Stuck In the Past

Stuck In the Past by Michael Donoghue

The first time I saw myself was at the grocery store checkout. I wasn’t sure right away. I mean, who expects to see themselves while buying a six-pack of Fanta and three store-baked macaroons? But there I was. Older, wider, with less hair, […]

The Moth Princess

The Moth Princess

by Emi Makanry

No one ever saw the moths change, but their arrival was as familiar as the turn of the seasons: a procession of rustling golden figures lit by fires held in uplifted palms, and the papery sound of laughter as night fell. As […]

Sticking Together

Sticking Together by Elizabeth Shack

Jake trudged into the miners’ locker room and straightened his aching shoulders. As soon as he’d arrived on the asteroid, Marta’d warned him to not let the Sarks know they were getting him down. They’d built a galactic empire on the backs of the weak, […]

The Clockwork Boy

The Clockwork Boy

by Cecilia Dominic

Leah Worthington kept forgetting the corpse in front of her was real and the boy beside her wasn’t.

The stained-glass cleaner lay on his back, his head twisted to the side at an angle that meant he simply must be a dummy and not the […]

The Truth About Unicorns

The Truth About Unicorns by Jennifer Hykes

The truth about unicorns is, you can never catch a unicorn. That’s the truth of them, and that’s the pain of them, too. You can be a virgin your whole life, you can sit for months or years in a field holding a […]

The Dwarf Femme and the Dragon

The Dwarf Femme and the Dragon by Charie’ Craig


Ludmilla adjusted the leather armor to fit over the bulky bandages flattening her breasts. The chains of gold links pinched where they looped around her waist. “What if I wear the links over the bandages?”

“Then they’ll jingle when you […]