by Elyse Kallen

“Charley.” A lilting, feminine voice calls out from behind me, and it takes every ounce of self-control not to jump or gasp. It’s one of those early autumn days when the sun shines so brightly it hurts and the wind whips everything to and fro, but halfheartedly, without […]

The Red Oleander Murders

The Red Oleander Murders

by Sean Patrick Hazlett

I’ll bet dollars to donuts this guy, whose broken and bloated body was nailed to the redwood tree, had never imagined this is how it’d all end. By the way he was dressed in his fancy navy suit, he was probably some big muckety-muck. […]

A Study in Pink and Gold

“A Study in Pink and Gold”

by Richard Ford Burley

He sits on the roof and takes another bite of bland, convenience store sushi, watching the massive body of a Drifter float by at eye level. He likes to come up here to eat lunch most days. On the rare occasion […]

One Soul, Parchment Thin

One Soul, Parchment Thin

by Calder Hutchinson

Slowly, I fold the paper. A forty-two degree offset from the right side, continuing to a point on the far edge. Satisfied, I press down, make the crease deeper, stronger. I work with more than my usual caution. This is an important work, and mistakes […]

A Missed Diversion

“A Missed Diversion” by R. S. Alexander

Derek Waterstone sat in a darkened isolation pod.  He could have set the wallsplays to give him the feel of being in a panoramic glass room overlooking a city street scene, near the vaulted facility that his rented pod was in or some pleasant natural setting, […]

Ars Poetica

Ars Poetica

by David F. Shultz

The interrogation was going well. Rook’s mark quivered, sweat beads on his head, arms smudging the lead on his paper, pencil tapping, a hundred dots on the corner of the page. He’d scrawled maybe a dozen rushed lines, then nothing for the last ten minutes. […]

The Birds That Flew In Wartime

“The Birds That Flew In Wartime” by Tamoha Sengupta

Long ago, the last bird in the village of Tantipur died.

Its body was a shade of blue deeper than cornflowers, and the feathers on its head glowed golden when sunlight slithered through the bars of the cage that kept it captive. […]

Exhibit K

“Exhibit K”

By Nadia Afifi

The dead woman opened her eyes to a veil of light. She blinked several times, focusing on the sand-colored surface only inches from her face. Walls surrounded her from all sides, a narrow, glowing tomb. 

She peered down over her chin, noting exposed breasts, followed by […]

Exactly What You Need

“Exactly What You Need”

by Brandon Crilly

“…still can’t believe you have this edition in stock. I’ve spoken to bloody archivists who told me to give up looking. You’re certain you don’t remember how you acquired it?”

Constance shrugged and smiled as per usual, as she laid the […]

Projections Do Not Guarantee Future Returns

“Projections Do Not Guarantee Future Returns”

by Marc Singer

Cold sweat and tangled sheets. I reach out gasping for Gesen but he isn’t there, his pillow cool and untouched. I’d known he would be gone sooner or later but I’d forgotten it was today. Is today. In dreams […]