Stuck In the Past

Stuck In the Past by Michael Donoghue

The first time I saw myself was at the grocery store checkout. I wasn’t sure right away. I mean, who expects to see themselves while buying a six-pack of Fanta and three store-baked macaroons? But there I was. Older, wider, with less hair, […]

The Moth Princess

The Moth Princess

by Emi Makanry

No one ever saw the moths change, but their arrival was as familiar as the turn of the seasons: a procession of rustling golden figures lit by fires held in uplifted palms, and the papery sound of laughter as night fell. As […]

The Clockwork Boy

The Clockwork Boy

by Cecilia Dominic

Leah Worthington kept forgetting the corpse in front of her was real and the boy beside her wasn’t.

The stained-glass cleaner lay on his back, his head twisted to the side at an angle that meant he simply must be a dummy and not the […]

The Truth About Unicorns

The Truth About Unicorns by Jennifer Hykes

The truth about unicorns is, you can never catch a unicorn. That’s the truth of them, and that’s the pain of them, too. You can be a virgin your whole life, you can sit for months or years in a field holding a […]

The Dwarf Femme and the Dragon

The Dwarf Femme and the Dragon by Charie’ Craig


Ludmilla adjusted the leather armor to fit over the bulky bandages flattening her breasts. The chains of gold links pinched where they looped around her waist. “What if I wear the links over the bandages?”

“Then they’ll jingle when you […]

PRIVATE: No Parents Allowed

PRIVATE: No Parents Allowed by K. A. Gillett

My son’s draft notice arrived earlier today—on his tenth birthday.

I haven’t read the actual letter yet, since it’s addressed to him, with warnings printed in neon green about prosecution if someone other than the addressee opens the black envelope. But I know the red […]

Good Luck Charm

Good Luck Charm

by Ron Collins

Jim Clayton was only two minutes late as he stepped out of his car and slammed the door. But two minutes is two minutes.

Manowitz would notice.

He saw a golf ball wedged against a crack in the curb. A never-ending string […]

Dreadnought Under Ice

Dreadnought Under Ice by George S. Walker

The dreadnought had gotten itself pinned under the unexploded fragment it was trying to retrieve.

Liu wouldn’t even have known the thing was in this part of Europa’s ocean but for the megawatt of power it was pumping into its underwater sound generators.




by Larry Hodges

I was hidin’ behind the tribute tree snackin’ on sugar-plums when the redcoat came down the chimney on the night of 24th December. If Ma and Pa knew they’d thrash me and prob’ly make me go to school. But I had to see one […]

Faith is a Nanooka

Faith Is A Nanooka

by Corie Ralston


Manda sat on the terrace just before dawn and wondered what decision the doctors had made about her. The sun was contemplating making another showing and the sky was that deep blue-gray that could go either way. Only the birds […]