Brown Eyes

Brown Eyes

by Kelsey M. Snyder


I remembered nothing of my life before the Menagerie.

The Menagerie wasn’t its official name. That was engraved upon the sandstone entrance in great block letters–RIKERS ORPHANAGE OF NEW YORK CITY–but no one ever called it that, not even us orphans. […]

Human Trials

Human Trials

by Alec Austin and Marissa Lingen

It was three weeks into the study, and participants were already claiming to see results. Pauline Lin kept warning her patients that it was the early days yet, and that they should be careful not to discuss anything that might […]

Street Rat

Street Rat by Jennifer Campbell-Hicks


The bio-house’s heartbeat annoyed the hell out of Chase. The deep throb behind the walls pulsed through his eardrums, behind his eyes, impossible to shut out. Made it tough to focus as he crouched in a stranger’s living room in the dark, penlight in […]

Out of Feyvale

Out of Feyvale by Astrid S. Nielsen


It all began with dandelions. Yrisa, I remembered vaguely, was the name of the girl who suddenly stood there at the bar, offering me a handful of the yellow flowers. I didn’t get up from my stool behind the counter; obviously she was not […]

Bute Street

Bute Street by Craig Owen Jones

Gwen strode along the beach towards the cove, her hair streaming eastward in the breeze. She would not have been out in such weather, but it had been days since she had left the house, and she had succumbed to a bout of cabin […]

Degrees of Separation

“Degrees of Separation” by Ruth Nestvold

Rolynka, Alaska, September, Six Degrees Celsius (Forty-Three Degrees Fahrenheit)

Ellen Teayoumeak clambered down from her pickup and pulled the shoulder bag with her paperbacks from the passenger seat. Hopefully Rita Piscoya would have some books in the trading post that Ellen hadn’t read yet. […]

Mustard World

“Mustard World” by James Victor


I picked the creature up with my tongs and it wriggled like a little girl being tickled. I held it close to my visor and willed the HUD out of the way. Convergent evolution had made the mustard slink look extremely similar to the […]


“Prayer” by Mike Buckley


Before they left Lunad on a stolen continent ship in search of the farthest god, Wasa’s job was water.

The Lunad Womens Prison was a pit built down into the moonrock, accessible only by a single hatch. The hydro converters were in the belly of the pit, […]

The Onmyoji’s Wife

“The Onmyoji’s Wife” by Kate MacLeod

Kenji stood, onmyoji cap in his hands, trying to lose himself in the gentle breeze that whispered through his favorite tree, picking up the scent of the peaches before tickling over his uncovered head.

It was divine, the sound of the leaves, the smell […]

Stuck In the Past

Stuck In the Past by Michael Donoghue

The first time I saw myself was at the grocery store checkout. I wasn’t sure right away. I mean, who expects to see themselves while buying a six-pack of Fanta and three store-baked macaroons? But there I was. Older, wider, with less hair, […]