Introduction to Poetry Issue 66

Introduction to Poetry Issue 66

By coincidence, most of the poems in this issue follow an apocalyptic arc, though sometimes a bit subtle. The number of form and/or narrative poetry also make a significant presence. There include a villanelle, an anapestic sonnet with the rhyme structure ababcdcdefefgg; a somewhat subverted abba iambic hexameter form; a 7-line aabccbb rhyming narrative (reader-interactive) form;  and a Fibonnaci series poem. (We don’t typically publish this much form poetry in any given issue, but we do try to maintain a diverse collection of style.) In this issue, we also feature a speculative poem in translation (Chinese/English).

Our poets are from all over the world: Yanzhou District, Jining City, China; Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan; Oxford, England; Reno, NV; Urbana, IL; Santa Fe, NM; Westminster, CO; Portland, OR; College Station, TX; Roselle Park, NJ; and Asheville, NC.

John C. Mannone

Poetry Editor, Abyss & Apex

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