Current Issue

Issue 58:  2nd Quarter 2016


My Favorite Science Fiction Stories” Wendy S. Delmater


“The Galaxy’s Cube”by Jeremy Szal
“Down by the Riverside”by Rebecca Birch
“Insider Art”by Vaughan Stanger
“ Cheatin’ “by J. Kenton Pierce

“Three Moons of Earth” by Thomas K. Carpenter
“Dissonance” by Jameyanne Fuller



Flash Fiction will return in our next edition.


“Introduction to Poetry in Issue 58″ John C. Mannone

“Revolution(1764-1783)” by Holly Lyn Walrath
“Apparition” by R Dillon
“& Other Ways to Read the Dirt” by Chloe N. Clark
“Populating the Dark” by Seth Jani
“Calla Lily” Christiaan Sabatelli
“Deadman’s Float” by Janet Ruhe-Schoen
“scotch whisky” by Lana Bella
“Images” by Seth Jani
“ * (You gargle the way each morning)” by Simon Perchik


Small Press Book Reviews

A Single Light by Patricia Leslie
Ice Magic, Fire Magic by Shauna Roberts
Decision Points edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt
Temporally Out of Order edited by Joshua Palmatier and Patricia Bray
The Worker Prince by Bryan Thomas Schmidt

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