Current Issue

Issue 57:  1st Quarter 2016


Miracles on a Shoestring” by Wendy S. Delmater


“The Shipwright” by Stephen Kotowych
“Leaping Dragon, Sleeping Eagle” by George S. Walker
“It’ll All Be Over Soon” by C. Erickson
“With Triumph Home Unto Her House” by Barbara Krasnoff
“In Memoriam” by James Van Pelt


“A Serenade of Strings” by K.L. Townsend


Poetry Introduction by John C. Mannone
“Time Clock” by Christiaan Sabatelli
“*” (Hiding on this tiny rock) by Simon Perchik
“Convent” by Chloe N. Clark
“Conspiracy Theory” by Tim Staley
“The Wizard’s Race” by Elaine Stirling
“I, Frankenstein” by Thadra Sheridan
“Here the Children of Dark Night Have Their Dwellings” by Peter BG Shoemaker
“Here” by Bruce Boston
“Absence” by F.J. Bergmann
“Gretel Asks” by Jane Yolen,
“Desire” by Babo Kamel


Small Press Book Reviews

Ghosts of the Forgotten Empire by Michael J Foy (Telemachus Press)
Three Great Lies by Vanessa MacLellan (Hadley Rille)
After the Ruin by Harriet Goodchild (Hadley Rille)
The Shiva Syndrome by Alan Joshua (Burst Books) 

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