Current Issue

Issue 55:  3rd Quarter 2015


“On Acceptances” by Wendy S. Delmater



“Degrees of Separation” by Ruth Nestvold

“Mustard World” by James Victor

“Prayer” by Mike Buckley

“The Onmyoji’s Wife” by Kate MacLeod



“The Probable Tradesman” by Gareth D. Jones

“The Specialist” by Andrew Kaye

“Via Memories” by Jeremiah Reinmiller



Introduction to Abyss & Apex Poetry, Issue 55 (July 2015)

“Ghost Parade” by Shannon Rampe

“He Promised Me the Moon” by Marge Simon

“The Argument Box” by JD Fox (mature content, language)

“Pseudopod” by Karen Bovenmyer

“Red” by Shawna Lenore Kastin

“I went to the asteroid to bury you” by Richard Larson

“Dark With Secrets” by Freya Pickard


Small Press Book Reviews

Jews vs. Aliens edited by Levene and Lavie Tidhar

Sword of Shadows by C.N. Lesley

Pandora’s Gun by James Van Pelt

Recoil by Bonnie Brunish


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