Current Issue

Issue 52:  4th Quarter 2014




Periodic Table Of Writing Elements, Turkey City Lexicon Edition



“The Fifer of Moments”  by James K Isaac

“Hatyasin”  by Rati Mehrotra

“Capricorn” by Rich Larson

“Idle Thoughts” by John C. Wright

“Mimosa” by Greg Forshaw



“Welcome Briefing At The Obayashi-Ragan Youth Hostel” by Fran Wilde



“Introduction to Abyss & Apex Poetry, October 2014” by editor John C. Mannone

“Dust of Creation” by Heather M. Browne

“Supernova Sunday” by Ralph Monday

“At that age when we girls become fairies” by E. Kristin Anderson

“Elegia Nam Homines” by Lynette Mejía

“Rehabilitation” by Joshua Gage

“Pareidolia” by Kristin E. Anderson


Small Press Book Reviews

ESCAPE PLANS by David Sakmyster

THE GAIA WARS, books  1 & 2 by Kenneth G. Bennett

ZEUS IS DEAD by Michael G. Munz 
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