Current Issue

Issue 53:  1st Quarter 2015



Editorial: “Where are they now?” by Wendy S. Delmater



“Dreadnought Under Ice” by George S. Walker

“Good Luck Charm” by Ron Collins

“Private: No Parents Allowed” by K.A. Gillett

“Faith is a Nanooka” by Corie Ralston

“The Dwarf Femme and the Dragon” by Charie’ Craig



“Hornet’s Sting” by Zach Shephard



Intro to 1Q 2015 Poems by John C. Mannone, Poetry Editor

Two Poems by KB Ballentine

  • Ocean View
  • You, Again

“Urban Blue”  by Kyle Hemmings


Two Poems by Helga Kidder

  • Snow White in 2015
  • Faded Fairytale

Coast Salish Women (a set of three poems) by Patrick Loafman

  • The Zipper of Hungry Teeth
  • Tuesday Morning
  • The Map of Our Flesh

“Coupling” by Ken Poyner



Small Press Book Reviews

Lights in the Deep by Brad R. Torgersen

Racers of the Night by Brad R. Torgersen

The Winter Boy by Sally Weiner Grotta

Drift by M.K. Hutchins


Banner Art by Mondolithic Studios