A&A Reviews: Dreams from the Grave

Dreams from the Grave (Tales from The Palace of Dreams Book 2) by [J. Kathleen Cheney]

Dreams from the Grave

by J. Kathleen Cheney

This is yet another novel in the Empire of Dreams series by J. Kathleen Cheney.  A&A reviewed an earlier books in the series here, and we would like to remind you that it ties into her scifinal  The Horn series–starting with Oathbreaker, reviewed here–in fascinating ways. The Empire of Dreams series is set in the same world, years later.

Dreams from the Grave presents deeper intrigues in the vast and convoluted machinations of the Families. In case you missed the earlier novels in the series, young touch-sensitive Shironne Anjir and investigator Mikael Lee,  who have been sharing his disturbing dreams about murders he investigates since her childhood, are faced with the mystery that has haunted Mikael’s dreams all his life: who murdered his father?

Fans of Cheney love the complexity of the social structures and political strata of the Palaces, the Families, the yeargroups, and the magical talents that are everyday abilities in this series. They will also have one burning question: despite everything that stands between them, will Shironne and Mikael ever get to consummate their passion? Cheney is a member of RWA, and it shows, but read it as a paranormal mystery. It’s a good one.

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